Climate Control Service

Climate Control Service

The Problem

Condensation in your vehicle’s air conditioning system promotes fungus, mold and bacterial growth that is blown into the passenger compartment. Add to this nauseating smell the sound of an A/C compressor making a clacking sound due to a depletion of oil.

Our Solution

Clean out the air conditioning lines, evaporator and ventilator and then kill any bacteria mold or fungi. Then, deodorize the entire A/C system and the vehicle’s interior. Finally, after a complete inspection for leaks and wear, our technicians will measure and replenish the oil in the compressor. The air inside your vehicle will be much cleaner and 4 to 5 degrees cooler, thanks to increased efficiency.


  • Quieter compressor operation
  • Extended compressor life
  • Sanitized air

Odors, bacteria, mold, spores, fungi, road grime, nicotine oils and debris accumulate in your car’s air conditioning evaporator.

BG Climate Control Service restores heating/cooling efficiency and freshens interior air.

Mold spores from A/C system

All mold spores dead 30 minutes after service